25th March Celebrations 2015

25 March holding flag

In the year 1821 on the 25th March, Greece gained their independence and every year we gather at Saheti school in Johannesburg and partake in the Saheti march and celebrate Greece’s independence. This morning (22nd of March), I was privileged enough to walk alongside the NAHYSOSA president, Andrea Spyron and other NAHYSOSA members as we were introduced and applauded.

It happened to be a bit of a cloudy day but that didn’t stop us. We walked around a whole field and Andrea and I even did it in heels. This really isn’t as easy as what it looks like. After the parade I bought myself a container of loukoumades and my heart could not have been happier!

Overall, today was a fun day where I had the chance to see friends again and meet new people. Walking with the NAHYSOSA banner and seeing so many Greek flags flying around makes me so proud and I feel so honoured to be a representative for our beautiful Greek people within South Africa.

25 March with NAHYSOSA

Irini Moutzouris
Miss Hellene 2014 - 2015

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