40 Days of Zams (Throughout the Easter Period)

40 days of zams

Living in Pretoria as a student and as Miss Hellene I made the decision to join one of the NAHYSOSA affiliates known as PHYC which is the Pretoria Hellenic Youth Club. On the committee I am currently head of Public Relations and we have recently adopted an Easter project started by Poppy on FiveFM, known as the 40 days of zams challenge.

The whole aim of this challenge is to give away food instead of giving up food. As a member of PHYC and as Miss Hellene I am super excited to be a part of this challenge and feed one underprivileged person a day! It is fairly simple, instead of just making lunch for myself, I make lunch for two of us and on my way to my lectures I drop off a sandwich and spoil them with an Easter egg too!

This challenge has taught me that it takes a simple and harmful gesture to make a difference in someone’s life. Because our whole committee and friends are involved we feed many people each day and they truly are very grateful for the bit that we are doing.

Irini Moutzouris
Miss Hellene 2014 - 2015

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