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Andrea Spyron

As a committee member of NAHYSOSA this year, I look back and congratulate the executive team that put this extravagant event together. They worked out the blueprint and roped the rest of us in when it was time for that final push. It is no easy task to coordinate such a large-scale event, but Miss Hellene 2014 has definitely set a standard necessary for every Miss Hellene event that follows to meet. From where I stand I can tell you that previous years’ contestants were openly jealous about the journey the lovely ladies of 2014 experienced. These 11 beauties have themselves, and the visionaries involved, to thank for that.

As the NAHYSOSA National President of 2015 I secretly express a sigh of relief knowing that my committee and I will not have to worry about the next one just yet, however, I am confident that the knowledge that can be shared from the 2014 team will be invaluable to ensure the success of the Miss Hellene 2016. Whether my committee and I make it through the next year is another story – but I can assure you we look forward to the challenge when the time comes.

Andrea Spyron


Andrea Spyron
NAHYSOSA National President 2015

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