Miss Hellene is a celebrated charity event within the Hellenic Community of South Africa that endeavours to unite young Hellenes from across the country, and raise funds for various initiatives and the NAHYSOSA Tertiary Education Bursary Fund. The winner of Miss Hellene becomes an ambassador of the Hellenic youth of South Africa and is given a platform on which she can promote Hellenism and make a difference within her local community as well as on a national level alongside NAHYSOSA.

The National Association of Hellenic Youth and Student Organisations of South Africa (NAHYSOSA) are the organisers and driving force behind the Miss Hellene event. NAHYSOSA is a non-profit umbrella body that coordinates all nine Hellenic Student and Youth affiliate committees across the country (more information at www.nahysosa.co.za).

Young ladies who are of Greek and Cypriot origin, and who are between the ages of 18 and 28, have the opportunity to enter and participate in the Miss Hellene event which is hosted every second year. The contestants are awarded the opportunity to win incredible prizes, drive various charity initiatives throughout their experience, build everlasting friendships and, ultimately, earn the prestigious title of Miss Hellene.

The past success of the Miss Hellene event has been attributed to a collaboration of organisers, contestants, and supporters who have all generously donated their time and resources to provide exquisite venues, fantastic meals, and an overall enchanting and unforgettable experience.

Miss Hellene is not just a beauty pageant but a path of discovery to find a beautiful, intelligent, strong and passionate Hellenic ambassador.