BHYA Party Bus 2015

BHYA party bus

The Bloemfontein Hellenic Youth Association host an annual party bus event and this year I had the chance to attend, so I did! The theme for the night was a “hippie” theme. We had many destinations in Bloemfontein to stop at. My favourite was stopping on top of Neville Hill and eating pizza with a beautiful view of the whole of Bloemfontein.

The bus had two levels and was open on top, so obviously everyone rushed to the top level and I found it extremely funny when we all got hit on the head as we passed by all the trees. I did not know many people who attended this event so once again it was an awesome experience to meet new faces. This really was a fun and successful event, Thank you BHYA!

Irini Moutzouris
Miss Hellene 2014 - 2015

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