Congress 2015

This year, I attended Delegates and Congress 2015. Delegates was informative and I enjoyed hearing and sharing the success of all NAHYSOSA Affiliates. 2015 was a very successful year for all committess so congratulations to everyone who played a role in this. This year I was also nominated for the “Dr Peter Pessinis Vision for Hellenism Award” and won. Thank you to all those who recognize the work I try doing to represent NAHYSOSA. It means the world to see that my fellow Hellenes appreciate the work that I do.

It was great to see familiar faces on congress but this year I got to meet many new faces too! By the time congress was over we had all bonded and new friendships were formed- exactly what congress is about. Bringing together the Hellenic youth community. With many fun late nights and sunrise sessions, the most important thing I learnt from this congress is that the friends you make there are your life long friends. I experienced true love and care and I learnt what friendships are really about. To all of you who joined me on the 2015 congress journey, thank you for the memories and I love you all.

Thank you to ECHYA and NAHYSOSA for all the hard work in hosting congress this year. P.E is beautiful! And I had the best time in your hometown. I can’t wait to go back!

Irini Moutzouris
Miss Hellene 2014 - 2015

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