Daniela Christos

I am currently doing my masters in Industrial Psychology and work as a flexitime human resources candidate practitioner. I am 26 years old and I am lucky enough to descend from both Greece and Cyprus. My Greek roots come from Ithaka and Pelopponiso and my Cypriot heritage is from Anavargos and Kissonerga.

I have been raised in a family that has always stressed the importance of education and I have therefore inherited the very same value system. I believe education is important because it allows one a platform to thrive from. Education empowers an individual as it allows them to form logic and reasoning which they can build on. It gives someone the capability and motivation to realise their full potential- which is what I believe we are here for today.

Education has provided us with miracles such as cures for various diseases that have improved the lives of human and animal kind. I wanted to participate in Miss Hellene because not only would I be helping someone else achieve what I was blessed enough to receive, but this person will imminently be able to make a difference in humankind, discovering their purpose and influencing the lives of others. I am also passionate about my culture and heritage and believed being a representative of it is something I would hold close to my heart.

I am the type of person who will always make a plan. If I am really passionate about something, I will find the means to make it happen! Hence, I save up and travel to Cyprus at least twice a year and Greece once a year as I have a flexitime job and am a correspondence University student. Nothing makes me happier than Greek music, souvlakia, old people playing tavli, having frappé at 4 in the morning, and the different ways of island life. I absolutely love animals, travelling and enjoying life!

Miss Hellene
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