Dear Future Miss Hellene 2016

In my first article I expressed a sigh of relief for not having to organise Miss Hellene for another year. But all of a sudden, here we are. Katerina Achilleos, the Miss Hellene Coordinator 2014-2016, and I cannot describe how ecstatic we are to host this incredible event. We’ve already had the discussions around themes and dresses, the colours and the entertainment, music, and the potential jewels who we’ll be working with and guiding through this journey.

As an outsider I can pinpoint the various spheres that comprise a contestant’s experience. Some of them can be a bit uncomfortable and challenging, most are enjoyable, however, the most beautiful flower is one that can blossom through adversity. Overall it is amazing to observe how each contestant faces these spheres while they simultaneously form unbreakable bonds and friendships.

I encourage you, and welcome you, to take this opportunity that will result in you learning more about yourself, challenging yourself, facing a fear, giving back to the community, igniting your passion for Hellenism, or a combination of the above. An unforgettable journey awaits you.

All it takes, is a simple entry …

Entry Form


Andrea Spyron
NAHYSOSA National President

Andrea Spyron
NAHYSOSA National President 2015

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