Easter Preparations

One of my favourite times of the year is Easter and this year I went to Pantanassa Church to help put together the beautiful epitafeio. There were people of all ages that volunteered and everyone had a job assigned to them. Hundreds of gorgeous flowers were used and the end result was truly magnificent. The flowers ranged from different shades of white and cream to an assortment of bright and light purples which made the epitafeio quite a spectacle. Although I did not attend the Pantanassa church services because I usually go to the SAHETI one, I was glad I was able to contribute to another church in some way.

As my yiayia and I are very close, I decided to help her at our church to help make palm crosses for Palm Sunday. There were people of all ages helping and we made approximately 800 crosses on the day. The priest also taught us why palm crosses are made – they are handed out to everyone after the liturgy on Palm Sunday because according to tradition, palm branches were waved at the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. They are representative of victory and are supposed to be kept next to your icon at home as good fortune for the year ahead. It was a lovely morning!

I also decided that I wanted to do something for the Greek Old Age Home for Easter, as I hold the Old Age Home very close to my heart and have always visited them when I can with my yiayia. It has specifically been a tradition for us to bake the elderly something and serve it during their tea time over the Easter period. This year we decided to do something different. We baked mini tsourekia, kourabiedes, boiled and dyed red eggs and bought chocolate Easter eggs to make each elderly person a parcel wrapped with ribbon. Giving these parcels to each elderly person was one of the most rewarding feelings. It brought so much light and happiness to their faces and you could see just how much it meant to them. This was by far my favourite part of Easter this year and I cannot wait to do something similar next year, hopefully getting the rest of NAHYSOSA involved too.

Miss Hellene
The Miss Hellene organisation

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