Eleni-Anna Kalaitzi

Eleni-Anna Kalaitzi

I am 23 years old and, while I currently reside in Johannesburg, I am originally from Thessaloniki in Greece. Professionally I am a psychologist, however, I am continuing my studies in industrial psychology.

My hobbies include crossfit, basketball, and anything that is sports or car related. My friends and family describe me as a classic stubborn Spartan who has a huge heart and likes to surround herself with a lot of friends. My mother is originally from Sparta and Scotland but born in America, while my father is originally from Serres.

I heard about this competition mostly from my friends and the launch party in Pretoria. However, the only reason that I decided to take part in a competition of this kind is the fact that it assists individuals from the Greek community to have a chance at higher education. I truly believe that helping others achieve their goals is truly fulfilling. Secondly, what intrigued me so much about this competition was the fact that I had to work and study at the same time so that I could assist in the payment of my own university fees, and thus making this subject close to my heart.

If I have the chance to represent the Greek community as Miss Hellene I would simply incorporate my skills to take care of any responsibility that might be at hand. Multitasking is my second nature and I have learned over the years to use all my energy to solve any problem that comes my way.

Miss Hellene
The Miss Hellene organisation

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