Georgina Nichas

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

I am 21 years old from the beautiful city of Jacarandas. I am currently in my final year of Brand Building and Management at Vega. My family originates from a small village called Agios Nikolaos, which is in the bottom region of Sparta, Greece.

I am very family orientated and will do anything for them. I’ve grown up with 3 brothers and no sisters, so lets just say that I know how to pack a punch.
I am passionate about my Crossfit training and living a balanced life but too much of anything can be bad, ie: chicken nuggets.

I have always been enthusiastic about fund raising especially during school. I participated in my high school’s fund-raising initiatives where, for instance, we raised funds for Habitat for Humanity and many other causes. When I heard about Miss Hellene and the Bursary Fund I was very eager to get started! Entering Miss Hellene has opened my eyes to many different aspects of the Hellenic community, where I have met many new people, have been on different adventures, and learnt more about myself and this beautiful heritage that we share.

Miss Hellene
The Miss Hellene organisation

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