Jakita Kapatos

I’m twenty-two years old from the vibrant city of Johannesburg but my Hellenic roots stem from Athens and Kefalonia.

I’m an interior designer and a dancer. I enjoy trying all kinds of new things, for example, extreme sports or experimenting with strange food combinations like oranges and peanut-butter. Every challenge comes with endless possibilities and many laughs on the route there.

I entered Miss Helene because I feel that being part of a pageant with such a great cause, especially one so close to my heart, is an honour. Besides Miss Hellene being an opportunity to meet wonderful people and experience exciting new things , it has been a platform to celebrate our rich, vibrant culture and is allowing me to try make a difference and touch the lives of others while holding up our Hellenic heritage.

I have a strong passion for people and for life. I genuinely want to help where I can and to do so with sincerity, compassion, and kindness. I strongly believe all words must be supported by actions and outer beauty is a matter of opinion but inner beauty is seen equally by all. I try to always portray that. Lastly, I am proud to be Greek and am grateful for every second of this incredible journey thus far.

Miss Hellene
The Miss Hellene organisation

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