Mandela Day at Strathyre Girls Home

My second visit to Strathyre Girls Home was another big success and I was delighted that I got to spend my 67 minutes with these lovely girls. This time I visited the home with my friend and Miss Hellene co-ordinator, Irini Mouzouris. As we are both passionate about art, we decided to spend the afternoon with the girls doing arts and crafts.

Our art day gave the children the opportunity to let their creative side shine. We made jewelry together, painted, sang and simply enjoyed one another’s company. After spending the afternoon with these girls I realised that I have grown so fond of them and decided that this was the home with which I wanted to start my Miss Hellene Charity Drive. I spoke to one of the ladies that is on the head committee for the home and she was delighted by the idea.

To end off a great afternoon, we were able to give each girl a packer of sweets which was sponsored by Ocean Basket. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and were delighted to see that I had come back to visit them a second time.

Miss Hellene
The Miss Hellene organisation

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