Mini-Congress 2015

Mini 3

On Friday morning at 4 o’clock just outside Saheti, we hopped on to a minibus and began our road trip to Grahamstown for Mini-congress 2015. We made a short stop in Bloemfontein to grab some breakfast and also pick up more people from Bloemfontein. After 16 hours on the road we finally arrived in Grahamstown and after being allocated our rooms we went straight into meetings. Already tired as it is, our meeting lasted till 1 o’clock in the morning and instead of choosing to go to bed, instead we decided to explore Grahamstown a little.

With very little sleep we were up bright and early to begin with meetings again. This was my first mini-congress and I found it very interesting to see how all the NAHYSOSA affiliates actually run, what types of events they host, who is in charge of what on the different committees and a general overview of how much of our funds raised contribute to the bursary fund.

I was there to represent PHYC as well as Miss Hellene and even though we discussed a lot of business, there was still time to bond and have fun. It was a busy, fun and definitely one of the most memorable weekends for me! Thank you to HSA Rhodes for hosting us and to NAHYSOSA for such well run and informative meetings!

Irini Moutzouris
Miss Hellene 2014 - 2015

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