Mini Congress 2016

This year Mini-Congress was hosted by PHYC in Pretoria at the Community Hall. Being Vice -president of PHYC I was obviously involved in a lot of the organizing and planning and one of the most rewarding feelings is seeing all your planning come together so firstly- bravo to PHYC and NAHYSOSA for all the hard work behind the scenes. 
The Friday evening began with lots of excitement as all affiliate members from around South Africa began to arrive. But shortly after all our excitement our meetings began. Once they ended we departed to the guest house we stayed at and enjoyed more time together. 
With very little sleep we were up bright and early to begin with meetings again. And just like all other years it was it interesting to see how all the affiliates were progressing, their plans for the year and of course new faces. I attended Mini-Congress to represent PHYC as well as Miss Hellene and even though we discussed a lot of business, there was still time to bond and have fun. After our meetings on Saturday, we enjoyed supper at Bugatti in Brooklyn Mall and then moved over to Capello’s for the legendary PHYC social. 
On the Sunday once we woke up, majority of us drove to Saheti to enjoy the day there and March around the field to celebrate the 25th of March panigiri. 
This was truly one of my favorite weekends and what an honour it was to be part of the organizing committee! 

Irini Moutzouris
Miss Hellene 2014 - 2015

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