Miss Hellene and CYA Nicci Beach Social

Starting off the New Year, I was very excited to plan my first event. What better way to get everyone together after an amazing holiday than a social. I decided to collaborate with CYA and host a joint event, as we wanted to ensure that we made it an extremely successful event and one which would start the year on a positive note.

We decided to do our event at Nicci Beach as it was summer and wanted to do something different to the other socials we had been to before. It was the first time anyone had held a NAHYSOSA event at this club and it was certainly worth all the work we put in to make sure it was one to remember. We were able to get Nahysosa members and new Greeks to attend as well as people of other nationalities, making it truly unique and even more fun!

It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Marko Vidalis and Austin Cassim who DJ’ed throughout the night as well as Andrea Nichas who was our photographer and captured the “kefi” of our event. There were about 700 people that attended and everyone had the best time. We were also fortunate enough to donate a huge amount to the Nahysosa Bursary Fund, approximately R79 000, which certainly exceeded our greatest expectations. I was very proud that our first joint event was a successful one and that I was able to contribute to the bursary fund more than I had hoped.

Miss Hellene
The Miss Hellene organisation

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