Miss Hellene Weekend Away 2016

Around 2 o’clock on Friday afternoon we departed for the Miss Hellene 2016 Weekend Away! The mini bus was loaded with luggage, committee members, contestants, make- up artists, videographers and a photographer. And so began our road trip to St Ettiene In Limpopo.
It was about a 5 hour drive till we arrived and when we did arrive, Taso (President of the Hellenic Federation of SA) and his team were there to welcome us and show us around the beautiful venue we got to call home for a weekend.
Once we were all allocated rooms and the luggage was offloaded we enjoyed a welcoming supper together and then went straight into fittings, the ladies had to fit their cocktail wear sponsored by Jose De Canha as well as their swimwear sponsored by Chook Clothing and their jewelry sponsored by Jewls & Jems in preparation for their official Miss Hellene photo shoots the following day. However after fittings, the ladies were given an early night so that they could wake up fresh and ready the next day!
Even though I went to bed relatively early, I definitely was not fresh and ready the next morning. I had to be up at 4 o’clock to do my hair and be at the Make up station by 5. There were perks to this though. I got to see one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen in my life!
Michelle and Samantha (our make up artists) were ready for action and began doing our make-up straight away with no time to waste. Soon everyone was up and getting ready for their swimwear photos. While each girl was having their picture taken by Nick Voutsas and the videographers Kaz and Gav, myself, Andrea and Katerina made sure we were behind the scenes and ready to assist! Our duties ranged from holding up diffusers for the girl to literally lifting a hammock up vertically for the background of a photograph. The day warmed up very quickly and the photos were looking incredible. But most importantly we were all having so much fun!
Straight after swimwear the girls rushed to get changed into their cocktail wear and touch up their make up. Once we were ready we were taken into the bush to the beautiful setting for our cocktail wear photographs. This was quite a far drive and on the way we got to see some wildlife too! What a beautiful scene it was and all the girls looked absolutely stunning in their dresses with their hair and make up done too!
When we arrived back to our rooms we all had a chance to freshen up before supper. We all ate a delicious meal and we were even spoilt with desserts. After supper the girls went one by one to the videographers to do their introductory videos for the final night. This was definitely my entertainment for the weekend! But nevertheless they all finished and did very well might I add. However we did finish pretty late that night and as it was our last night there we enjoyed a bit of greek music and greek dancing as well as a bonfire where we all shared stories and so many laughs.
The next morning we were up. Bright and early for one last video shoot and then we had to pack and head back home. It was a very busy weekend but in between we all got to know each other a little better and enjoy the experience together.
Thank you to everyone at St.Ettiene, the Hellenic Federation, the Miss Hellene committee and all the sponsors involved for making the Miss Hellene 2016 Weekend Away a very successful and memorable one!

Irini Moutzouris
Miss Hellene 2014 - 2015

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