Reach For a Dream

As part of Slipper Day, I was very privileged to be asked by my dear friend, Andrea Nichas, that works at Reach for a Dream, to join them in making a little girl’s dream come true. Reach For a Dream is a charity organisation that raises money in order to fulfil the dreams of underprivileged children that are faced with terminal sicknesses. It is an amazing organisation which I have been supporting and following over the last few years and it recognised by thousands of South Africans nationwide.

I was very excited to be a part of one the dreams and see all the organisation’s hard work materialise. I met the team at Alberton City and soon after I met the beautiful little girl whose dream was about to come true. She was eight years old and was suffering terminal cancer, yet she seemed like an ordinary girl as she kept her smile and seemed stronger than most children I have seen at her age. Her dream was to go on a shopping spree and although I had so much fun with her and the rest of the team picking and trying on different clothes at the Pick ‘n Pay Clothing Store, it was an extremely humbling experience. I realised in that moment how grateful I should be to be in the position I am in today. Although she was so much younger than me, this little girl taught me just how strong you have to be in life and how you can overcome anything if you have a positive mindset.

After a long morning of shopping, we all went to Wimpy to eat lunch while getting to know one another more. It was an unforgettable experience and it made me realise how a small act of kindness from each of us can contribute towards making someone less fortunate to us so happy.

Miss Hellene
The Miss Hellene organisation

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