Mini Congress

This was my first Mini Congress. It took place in Bloemfontein and was hosted by BHYA. I did not know what to expect as I had never been before. It was a weekend filled with meetings and discussing serious matters relating to Nahysosa, such as the calendar for the year

Mandela Day 2016

For Mandela day this year, I joined the BHYA committee in their Mandela Day initiative where we collected and donated toiletry hampers to all patients in the maternity ward of the Pelanomi Hospital. The ladies were very grateful for these hampers and it was a truly heartwarming experience. Thank you

BHYA Strategy Weekend 2016

This past weekend I drove down to Bloemfontein with the NAHYSOSA committee to join in on BHYA's strategy session. This session was hosted at Emoya Estate and even though it was freezing cold we still had fun.  The committee bonded through various activities and got to know each other on a

Bloemfontein Frat Party

Last night I attended the Bloemfontein Hellenic Youth Association’s event which was probably one of my favourite parties of all time! Especially because I had just arrived back from Cyprus the week before, it was great to see everyone all at once and at the same venue! This was an event

BHYA Party Bus 2015

BHYA party bus

The Bloemfontein Hellenic Youth Association host an annual party bus event and this year I had the chance to attend, so I did! The theme for the night was a “hippie” theme. We had many destinations in Bloemfontein to stop at. My favourite was stopping on top of Neville Hill