Miss Hellene and CYA Nicci Beach Social

Starting off the New Year, I was very excited to plan my first event. What better way to get everyone together after an amazing holiday than a social. I decided to collaborate with CYA and host a joint event, as we wanted to ensure that we made it an extremely

NAHYSOSA CYA Networking Evening

The CYA Networking Evening was the first NAHYSOSA event I attended as Miss Hellene 2016. I was very excited to join them and I had never been to a networking evening before. It was a very innovative idea of “professional meets student” with the intention of bridging the gap between

NAHYSOSA Weekend 2016

This past weekend was NAHYSOSA weekend which is always one of the highlights of my year! It's a fun weekend where the opportunity is given for NAHYSOSA affiliates and the Hellenic youth to unite and have fun!  This year NAHYSOSA Weekend kicked off with SHA Wits hosting a quiz night on

Miss Hellene Meet and Greet 2016

This morning I had the chance to meet each Miss Hellene 2016 contestant at St.Lorient where they all met before attending their official meet and greet. We met at St Lorient so that the ladies could already have their measurements taken for the evening wear segment on the final night. They

Jo’burg Youth Ball 2016

So we all know what a struggle it is for a girl to look good every time they go out. We have to do our hair and make-up. Find a pretty dress (which you haven't worn before) and shoes to match. Guys on the other hand take a shower and

NAHYSOSA Weekend 2015

This past weekend was NAHYSOSA weekend and on Friday I attended NAHYSOSA SHA’s event which was a quiz night hosted at Meemo’s in Senderwood. It was a freezing cold night but nevertheless, the turnout was amazing with over 100 people supporting this event! My team proudly placed 2nd overall and

Jo’burg Youth Ball 2015

Last night I attended the annual Joburg youth ball hosted by three committees, namely: CYA, UJHA and SHA. The theme was “A Night in New York”. This was a very successful event. Last night was such a well supported event that there weren’t even enough seats for people to sit