Easter Preparations

One of my favourite times of the year is Easter and this year I went to Pantanassa Church to help put together the beautiful epitafeio. There were people of all ages that volunteered and everyone had a job assigned to them. Hundreds of gorgeous flowers were used and the end

Hearts of Hope Easter Initiative

Wow what an experience! After collecting all the contributions to my "40 Days of Giving Initiative" Michaela Kapareliotis, Christina Zachos and my brother Raphael Moutzouris joined me to drop of all the boxes collected. Once we dropped all the parcels off we got to play with the kids! We played

Easter 2016 Initiative

This year, instead of my usual hospital visit for Easter I decided to do something different. With 40 days of fasting coming up for Catholic Easter, I have started my first Easter Initiative and I reached out to all the 2014 Miss Hellene contestants and to the public to get

Epitaphio 2015

Klerksdorp epitaphio

To me, being Miss Hellene is not only about the social aspect but about embracing my Hellenic traditions and cultures too. For our Holy Week this year, I am back home with my family in Klerksdorp and after our beautiful church service last night I stayed a little longer to

Easter charity (Bloemfontein)

This past weekend was English Easter and instead of being in Pretoria or at home in Klerksdorp, I was in Bloemfontein. It is not always easy to organize a charity to do when you are away from home because you don’t always know where to go or who to call.

40 Days of Zams (Throughout the Easter Period)

40 days of zams

Living in Pretoria as a student and as Miss Hellene I made the decision to join one of the NAHYSOSA affiliates known as PHYC which is the Pretoria Hellenic Youth Club. On the committee I am currently head of Public Relations and we have recently adopted an Easter project started

40 Days of Zams (The Start)

40 days of zams

Miss Hellene Irini Moutzouris is joining the Pretoria Hellenic Youth Club in taking part in the 40 Days of Zams challenge. It's day 2 already! The whole aim of this challenge is that instead of giving something up during this Easter period, we give something away! To be a part of this challenge