Pamper Day at Strathyre Girls Home

On Sunday it was a busy and exciting day celebrating Women’s month. The Miss Hellene Co-Ordinator, Irini Moutzouris and I organised a pamper day for the girls at the Salvation Army Strathyre Girls Home. We painted one another’s nails and afterwards we decided to do a lesson on modelling and

Women’s Day at Agios Nektarios Old Age Home

For Women’s Day, I visited the Agios Nektarios Greek Old Age home with the Miss Hellene Co-ordinator and Miss Earth, Irini Moutzouris, the Miss Hellene 2nd Princess, Penny Coundouris, as well as the NAHYSOSA secretary, Michaela Kapareliotis. We baked cupcakes and savoury pies for them to have during their tea

Venue Visits

We're in the process of organizing the Miss Hellene 2016 event! This requires us to start looking for venues and sponsors etc. for the final event and events in between. This month Andrea, Katerina, George and myself organized meetings and met up with various venues to look for the best possible

Jo’burg Youth Ball 2016

So we all know what a struggle it is for a girl to look good every time they go out. We have to do our hair and make-up. Find a pretty dress (which you haven't worn before) and shoes to match. Guys on the other hand take a shower and

PHYC – Elections 2016

This afternoon the Pretoria Hellenic youth club hosted their annual elections. I decided to run for Vice President because I have been a part of PHYC for two years now and I was asked to step up in the position. I'm very happy to say that I did get elected for

Easter 2016 Initiative

This year, instead of my usual hospital visit for Easter I decided to do something different. With 40 days of fasting coming up for Catholic Easter, I have started my first Easter Initiative and I reached out to all the 2014 Miss Hellene contestants and to the public to get

Precious and Melina

One of our Miss Hellene top 5 contestants-Melina Charilaou met a young 22 year old girl named Precious. Precious has a 6 year old sister that's she's looking after as they unfortunately lost their mother. To do this Precious has resorted to begging for food. Her story touched a soft spot

Christmas 2015

One of my favourite memories growing up was decorating the Christmas tree every year with my family. This year, I heard of two families with young children who didn't have a Christmas tree and decided to give one to them with decorations included so that they can create their own

Congress 2015

This year, I attended Delegates and Congress 2015. Delegates was informative and I enjoyed hearing and sharing the success of all NAHYSOSA Affiliates. 2015 was a very successful year for all committess so congratulations to everyone who played a role in this. This year I was also nominated for the

Agios Nektarios Panigiri 2015

Ag. Nektarios

Today I spent my afternoon at Agios Nektarios. Along with NAHYSOSA, we attended the church service and then spent the rest of the day helping the staff of Agios Nektarios by dishing up food for those who came to celebrate the panigiri. This was a special visit for me because I

George Bizos’s 87th Birthday

George Bizos

Last night I attended the 87th Birthday of Advocate George Bizos. I was very excited about this because not only was I going to get the opportunity to meet George Bizos but in order to celebrate his birthday, an art auction took place to raise funds for the George Bizos

Hellenic Federation AGM 2015

On Sunday the 8th of November I had the privilege of joining many representatives of different Hellenic communities at the annual AGM of the Hellenic Federation of South Africa. I was there along with NAHYSOSA president, Andrea Spyron and various representatives. We spent the day listening to concerns of other communities

OXI Day Panigiri Pretoria 2015

"Oxi" Day on October 28 commemorates the anniversary when former military general and Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas said, “No” to an ultimatum made by Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini to allow Italian forces to occupy strategic locations in Greece or otherwise face war back in 1940." Today the Pretoria community came

“Beau’Tee’ With a Purpose” Golf Day

My Miss Hellene “Beau’Tee’ With a Purpose” Golf Day this past weekend was a great success and I owe it all to those who helped, supported and sponsored. All proceeds raised contribute to the NAHYSOSA Bursary Fund for tertiary education. It was a hot and long day on the Orkney Golf