Mini Congress

This was my first Mini Congress. It took place in Bloemfontein and was hosted by BHYA. I did not know what to expect as I had never been before. It was a weekend filled with meetings and discussing serious matters relating to Nahysosa, such as the calendar for the year

Mini Congress 2016

This year Mini-Congress was hosted by PHYC in Pretoria at the Community Hall. Being Vice -president of PHYC I was obviously involved in a lot of the organizing and planning and one of the most rewarding feelings is seeing all your planning come together so firstly- bravo to PHYC and

Mini-Congress 2015

Mini 3

On Friday morning at 4 o’clock just outside Saheti, we hopped on to a minibus and began our road trip to Grahamstown for Mini-congress 2015. We made a short stop in Bloemfontein to grab some breakfast and also pick up more people from Bloemfontein. After 16 hours on the road