Be Hellenic golf day

Yesterday a few of the Miss Hellene 2016 finalists along with myself, 2014 first princess-Callie Bofilatos and 2014 contestant Annoula Spyridis joined the Be Hellenic Pretoria community at their annual golf day.  As Miss Hellene ladies, we hosted a "Greek Corner" where the golfers at our hole could enjoy some Greek

Women’s Day 2016

This afternoon the top 12 Miss Hellene 2016 ladies along with myself and Miss Hellene co-ordinaries- Katerina Achilleos visited Agios Nektarios to celebrate Women's Day and spend time getting to know the elderly at the home. Our day began around 10Am and ended around lunch time.  Thank you to the Hellenic

Miss Hellene Weekend Away 2016

Around 2 o'clock on Friday afternoon we departed for the Miss Hellene 2016 Weekend Away! The mini bus was loaded with luggage, committee members, contestants, make- up artists, videographers and a photographer. And so began our road trip to St Ettiene In Limpopo. It was about a 5 hour drive till

Mandela Day 2016

For Mandela day this year, I joined the BHYA committee in their Mandela Day initiative where we collected and donated toiletry hampers to all patients in the maternity ward of the Pelanomi Hospital. The ladies were very grateful for these hampers and it was a truly heartwarming experience. Thank you

PHYC Winter Drive

Throughout the month of June PHYC hosted a Winter Drive where we asked for donations to be made in the forms of clothing or shoes in order to be donated to the Jakaranda Children's Home in Pretoria.  At the end of every week we had a collection and drop off point

BHYA Strategy Weekend 2016

This past weekend I drove down to Bloemfontein with the NAHYSOSA committee to join in on BHYA's strategy session. This session was hosted at Emoya Estate and even though it was freezing cold we still had fun.  The committee bonded through various activities and got to know each other on a

Miss International Princess

This afternoon I judged a competition called Miss International Princess in Ventersdorp. Although it was an extremely long day judging it was fun but at the same time so so difficult to judge those little ladies. We had various categories to judge them on which didn't make my job any

Miss Hellene Meet and Greet 2016

This morning I had the chance to meet each Miss Hellene 2016 contestant at St.Lorient where they all met before attending their official meet and greet. We met at St Lorient so that the ladies could already have their measurements taken for the evening wear segment on the final night. They

Hearts of Hope Easter Initiative

Wow what an experience! After collecting all the contributions to my "40 Days of Giving Initiative" Michaela Kapareliotis, Christina Zachos and my brother Raphael Moutzouris joined me to drop of all the boxes collected. Once we dropped all the parcels off we got to play with the kids! We played

Mini Congress 2016

This year Mini-Congress was hosted by PHYC in Pretoria at the Community Hall. Being Vice -president of PHYC I was obviously involved in a lot of the organizing and planning and one of the most rewarding feelings is seeing all your planning come together so firstly- bravo to PHYC and

Spero Veliotti Fashion Show

This afternoon myself and fellow NAHYSOSA ladies joined the Panaithinaki Hellenic Women's Association at the Spero Veliotti Fashion Show!  We were all excited for this event because I mean, which lady doesn't love attending a fashion show?? We took our seats and the show began!  We were able to witness such beautiful

Venue Visits

We're in the process of organizing the Miss Hellene 2016 event! This requires us to start looking for venues and sponsors etc. for the final event and events in between. This month Andrea, Katerina, George and myself organized meetings and met up with various venues to look for the best possible

Jo’burg Youth Ball 2016

So we all know what a struggle it is for a girl to look good every time they go out. We have to do our hair and make-up. Find a pretty dress (which you haven't worn before) and shoes to match. Guys on the other hand take a shower and

PHYC – Elections 2016

This afternoon the Pretoria Hellenic youth club hosted their annual elections. I decided to run for Vice President because I have been a part of PHYC for two years now and I was asked to step up in the position. I'm very happy to say that I did get elected for

Easter 2016 Initiative

This year, instead of my usual hospital visit for Easter I decided to do something different. With 40 days of fasting coming up for Catholic Easter, I have started my first Easter Initiative and I reached out to all the 2014 Miss Hellene contestants and to the public to get