A Letter From Andrea Spyron

Each contestant entered Miss Hellene 2016 for a specific purpose. Whether it was to challenge themselves and prove that they could accomplish something they never thought would interest them; or to do what they could to give back to the Hellenic youth of South Africa – through this prestigious platform.

Venue Visits

We're in the process of organizing the Miss Hellene 2016 event! This requires us to start looking for venues and sponsors etc. for the final event and events in between. This month Andrea, Katerina, George and myself organized meetings and met up with various venues to look for the best possible

A View from the Side

Andrea Spyron

As a committee member of NAHYSOSA this year, I look back and congratulate the executive team that put this extravagant event together. They worked out the blueprint and roped the rest of us in when it was time for that final push. It is no easy task to coordinate such

The Aftermath

Michail Scholiadis

After 10 months of preparation, it was hard to believe that the final night was finally here. The excitement of the last few months with the contestants, the weekends away, the photo-shoots, the pre-judging events, the rehearsals were all coming to a close in one night. And what better way to end the