Federation Gala Cocktail

I attended the Federation Gala cocktail with a few of the NAHYSOSA members as guests. The night was about honouring Hellenes who have excelled in their services to Hellenism in South Africa as well as celebrating Advocate George Bizos on his 90th birthday and all his great accomplishments serving for

Mini Congress

This was my first Mini Congress. It took place in Bloemfontein and was hosted by BHYA. I did not know what to expect as I had never been before. It was a weekend filled with meetings and discussing serious matters relating to Nahysosa, such as the calendar for the year

Miss Hellene and CYA Nicci Beach Social

Starting off the New Year, I was very excited to plan my first event. What better way to get everyone together after an amazing holiday than a social. I decided to collaborate with CYA and host a joint event, as we wanted to ensure that we made it an extremely

SHA Sign Ups at Wits University

During Orientation Week at Wits, SHA sets up a sign-up table amongst the rest of the organisations and groups for the students. This year, I joined them as Miss Hellene to try find new members to join the committee. We managed to get quite a few new members to join

Durban SYHS Social

I was in Durban during my December holidays and I was lucky to be able to attend the SYHS social because it was one of the most memorable nights. As it was a few weeks after congress, everyone was very excited to see one another after 10 days of spending

Cape Town Congress 2016

To end off a great year filled with hard work and dedication, I was privileged enough to go on my first congress which was held in Cape Town. This was by far one of the best holidays I have been on as I got to create amazing memories with my

NAHYSOSA Fresco Show

Soon after I was crowned Miss Hellene I was asked to go on radio to speak about my journey leading up to the Miss Hellene gala evening. As I was a new member and not many people within NAHYSOSA knew me, Faith took it upon himself to ask me a

NAHYSOSA CYA Networking Evening

The CYA Networking Evening was the first NAHYSOSA event I attended as Miss Hellene 2016. I was very excited to join them and I had never been to a networking evening before. It was a very innovative idea of “professional meets student” with the intention of bridging the gap between

A Letter From Andrea Spyron

Each contestant entered Miss Hellene 2016 for a specific purpose. Whether it was to challenge themselves and prove that they could accomplish something they never thought would interest them; or to do what they could to give back to the Hellenic youth of South Africa – through this prestigious platform.

Be Hellenic golf day

Yesterday a few of the Miss Hellene 2016 finalists along with myself, 2014 first princess-Callie Bofilatos and 2014 contestant Annoula Spyridis joined the Be Hellenic Pretoria community at their annual golf day.  As Miss Hellene ladies, we hosted a "Greek Corner" where the golfers at our hole could enjoy some Greek

NAHYSOSA Weekend 2016

This past weekend was NAHYSOSA weekend which is always one of the highlights of my year! It's a fun weekend where the opportunity is given for NAHYSOSA affiliates and the Hellenic youth to unite and have fun!  This year NAHYSOSA Weekend kicked off with SHA Wits hosting a quiz night on

BHYA Strategy Weekend 2016

This past weekend I drove down to Bloemfontein with the NAHYSOSA committee to join in on BHYA's strategy session. This session was hosted at Emoya Estate and even though it was freezing cold we still had fun.  The committee bonded through various activities and got to know each other on a

Mini Congress 2016

This year Mini-Congress was hosted by PHYC in Pretoria at the Community Hall. Being Vice -president of PHYC I was obviously involved in a lot of the organizing and planning and one of the most rewarding feelings is seeing all your planning come together so firstly- bravo to PHYC and

Jo’burg Youth Ball 2016

So we all know what a struggle it is for a girl to look good every time they go out. We have to do our hair and make-up. Find a pretty dress (which you haven't worn before) and shoes to match. Guys on the other hand take a shower and

PHYC – Elections 2016

This afternoon the Pretoria Hellenic youth club hosted their annual elections. I decided to run for Vice President because I have been a part of PHYC for two years now and I was asked to step up in the position. I'm very happy to say that I did get elected for