Miss Hellene and PHYC Street Store

PHYC and I co-hosted our first ever Street Store. This is a charity event where we collect clothes and shoes and set up a little store on the side of the street where the homeless have an opportunity to ‘shop’ and choose the clothes they truly like, for free. To us,

PHYC Youth Ball

This was the second PHYC Youth Ball I have attended and it certainly did not disappoint. The turnout was amazing which made the evening even more exciting. We started off the night at the Hellenic Community Centre with lots of delicious Greek food and ended off with the standard Zambekiko

PHYC Social at Capellos

The PHYC Social was one of my first Pretoria events that I attended. It took place at Capellos in Brooklyn and it was such a fun event! Much to my surprise, it turned out to be somewhat of a Miss Hellene reunion as many of my fellow contestants and now

PHYC Youth Ball 2016

Last night we hosted our annual and legendary PHYC youth ball! Our theme this year was "A Night In Venice" and being part of the PHYC committee, I can honestly say that a lot of hard work and preparation went into hosting this event.  From driving around to try gain sponsors

PHYC Winter Drive

Throughout the month of June PHYC hosted a Winter Drive where we asked for donations to be made in the forms of clothing or shoes in order to be donated to the Jakaranda Children's Home in Pretoria.  At the end of every week we had a collection and drop off point

25 March Panigiri Pretoria 2016

On Sunday the 20th of March, the Pretoria Hellenic community all united to celebrate the 25th of March Panigiri.  PHYC was there in full force baking and selling the very famous loukoumades! This is always a great task to take on as it involves everyone coming in early and preparing the

Mini Congress 2016

This year Mini-Congress was hosted by PHYC in Pretoria at the Community Hall. Being Vice -president of PHYC I was obviously involved in a lot of the organizing and planning and one of the most rewarding feelings is seeing all your planning come together so firstly- bravo to PHYC and

PHYC – Elections 2016

This afternoon the Pretoria Hellenic youth club hosted their annual elections. I decided to run for Vice President because I have been a part of PHYC for two years now and I was asked to step up in the position. I'm very happy to say that I did get elected for

“A Mediterranean Summer” PHYC Social

Last night PHYC hosted their last event for the year, “ A Mediterranean Summer” at Pangaea in Brooklyn. This was a well supported event as people from Pretoria and Johannesburg came through and supported us. The venue was perfect for the night and with about 200 people there, the atmosphere was

Pretoria Youth Ball 2015

Last night I attended PHYC’s annual youth ball. Once again, because I am on the committee I saw how much hard work and effort went into this. We hosted our youth ball at the Hellenic hall in Pretoria and our theme for the night was “Interstellar”. We had 25 tables

PHYC Sports Day 2015

Today the Pretoria Hellenic Youth Club hosted their annual Sports Day and because I am part of the committee, of course this was an event I wasn’t going to miss! And what a successful day it was!! The team that I had asked to enter had won! And since I

Mini-Congress 2015

Mini 3

On Friday morning at 4 o’clock just outside Saheti, we hopped on to a minibus and began our road trip to Grahamstown for Mini-congress 2015. We made a short stop in Bloemfontein to grab some breakfast and also pick up more people from Bloemfontein. After 16 hours on the road

40 Days of Zams (Throughout the Easter Period)

40 days of zams

Living in Pretoria as a student and as Miss Hellene I made the decision to join one of the NAHYSOSA affiliates known as PHYC which is the Pretoria Hellenic Youth Club. On the committee I am currently head of Public Relations and we have recently adopted an Easter project started

40 Days of Zams (The Start)

40 days of zams

Miss Hellene Irini Moutzouris is joining the Pretoria Hellenic Youth Club in taking part in the 40 Days of Zams challenge. It's day 2 already! The whole aim of this challenge is that instead of giving something up during this Easter period, we give something away! To be a part of this challenge

PHYC Youth Ball 2014

PHYC youthball 2014

The Pretoria Hellenic Youth Club was the first NAHYSOSA event that I attended as Miss Hellene. It was a bit of an overwhelming experience having strangers come up to you and congratulate you, but by the end of the night these strangers became friends and our night continued with delicious