SAHETI Debutante Fundraiser

I attended a very fun event with my mother and a few of her friends with their daughters which was a fundraiser for the SAHETI Debutante Ball 2017. Although it was very close to my university mid-year exams, it was an event I really wanted to support as I myself

Saheti 25th March celebration

On the 25th March, I was proud to be given the opportunity to walk in the march that takes place every year at Saheti School. This day is to celebrate the day of Independence for Greece and it one of the biggest celebrations for Greeks worldwide. As a past Saheti

George Bizos’s 87th Birthday

George Bizos

Last night I attended the 87th Birthday of Advocate George Bizos. I was very excited about this because not only was I going to get the opportunity to meet George Bizos but in order to celebrate his birthday, an art auction took place to raise funds for the George Bizos

NAHYSOSA Weekend 2015

This past weekend was NAHYSOSA weekend and on Friday I attended NAHYSOSA SHA’s event which was a quiz night hosted at Meemo’s in Senderwood. It was a freezing cold night but nevertheless, the turnout was amazing with over 100 people supporting this event! My team proudly placed 2nd overall and