SHA’s Quiz Night

SHA’s Quiz Night was the start to the annual NAHYSOSA weekend, and what a great start it was! The event was at the Greek Sporting Club and the tables were fully booked. The MC for the night was brilliant and kept us laughing throughout the night, even though we were

Ping-Pong-Pa with SHA

One of SHA’s events that I attended was a beer pong tournament at the Greek Sporting Club. We had to made teams of three or four in order to participate in the tournament and I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people attended the event. At the beginning of

SHA’s Clean Monday at Wits University

The beginning of the fast was done the right way this year at my university thanks to SHA. They organised to bring lagana, tamara, halva and bread sticks for all SHA members as well as anyone that was was there during the lunch break. Every year we eat these delicious

SHA Sign Ups at Wits University

During Orientation Week at Wits, SHA sets up a sign-up table amongst the rest of the organisations and groups for the students. This year, I joined them as Miss Hellene to try find new members to join the committee. We managed to get quite a few new members to join

NAHYSOSA Weekend 2016

This past weekend was NAHYSOSA weekend which is always one of the highlights of my year! It's a fun weekend where the opportunity is given for NAHYSOSA affiliates and the Hellenic youth to unite and have fun!  This year NAHYSOSA Weekend kicked off with SHA Wits hosting a quiz night on

Jo’burg Youth Ball 2016

So we all know what a struggle it is for a girl to look good every time they go out. We have to do our hair and make-up. Find a pretty dress (which you haven't worn before) and shoes to match. Guys on the other hand take a shower and

NAHYSOSA Weekend 2015

This past weekend was NAHYSOSA weekend and on Friday I attended NAHYSOSA SHA’s event which was a quiz night hosted at Meemo’s in Senderwood. It was a freezing cold night but nevertheless, the turnout was amazing with over 100 people supporting this event! My team proudly placed 2nd overall and

Jo’burg Youth Ball 2015

Last night I attended the annual Joburg youth ball hosted by three committees, namely: CYA, UJHA and SHA. The theme was “A Night in New York”. This was a very successful event. Last night was such a well supported event that there weren’t even enough seats for people to sit