Pamper Day at Strathyre Girls Home

On Sunday it was a busy and exciting day celebrating Women’s month. The Miss Hellene Co-Ordinator, Irini Moutzouris and I organised a pamper day for the girls at the Salvation Army Strathyre Girls Home. We painted one another’s nails and afterwards we decided to do a lesson on modelling and

Mandela Day at Strathyre Girls Home

My second visit to Strathyre Girls Home was another big success and I was delighted that I got to spend my 67 minutes with these lovely girls. This time I visited the home with my friend and Miss Hellene co-ordinator, Irini Mouzouris. As we are both passionate about art, we

Youth Day at Strathyre Girls Home

Youth Day is a holiday dedicated to the youth of South Africa. It honours the deaths of many Soweto school children and commemorates the protest which resulted in a wave of protests across the country known as the Soweto Uprising in 1976 during Apartheid. This year I had the honour and