PHYC Youth Ball

This was the second PHYC Youth Ball I have attended and it certainly did not disappoint. The turnout was amazing which made the evening even more exciting. We started off the night at the Hellenic Community Centre with lots of delicious Greek food and ended off with the standard Zambekiko

PHYC Youth Ball 2016

Last night we hosted our annual and legendary PHYC youth ball! Our theme this year was "A Night In Venice" and being part of the PHYC committee, I can honestly say that a lot of hard work and preparation went into hosting this event.  From driving around to try gain sponsors

Jo’burg Youth Ball 2016

So we all know what a struggle it is for a girl to look good every time they go out. We have to do our hair and make-up. Find a pretty dress (which you haven't worn before) and shoes to match. Guys on the other hand take a shower and

“A Mediterranean Summer” PHYC Social

Last night PHYC hosted their last event for the year, “ A Mediterranean Summer” at Pangaea in Brooklyn. This was a well supported event as people from Pretoria and Johannesburg came through and supported us. The venue was perfect for the night and with about 200 people there, the atmosphere was

Pretoria Youth Ball 2015

Last night I attended PHYC’s annual youth ball. Once again, because I am on the committee I saw how much hard work and effort went into this. We hosted our youth ball at the Hellenic hall in Pretoria and our theme for the night was “Interstellar”. We had 25 tables

Jo’burg Youth Ball 2015

Last night I attended the annual Joburg youth ball hosted by three committees, namely: CYA, UJHA and SHA. The theme was “A Night in New York”. This was a very successful event. Last night was such a well supported event that there weren’t even enough seats for people to sit

PHYC Youth Ball 2014

PHYC youthball 2014

The Pretoria Hellenic Youth Club was the first NAHYSOSA event that I attended as Miss Hellene. It was a bit of an overwhelming experience having strangers come up to you and congratulate you, but by the end of the night these strangers became friends and our night continued with delicious