The Aftermath

Michail Scholiadis

After 10 months of preparation, it was hard to believe that the final night was finally here. The excitement of the last few months with the contestants, the weekends away, the photo-shoots, the pre-judging events, the rehearsals were all coming to a close in one night. And what better way to end the journey than with 1000 guests, family and friends all attending one glamorous night at Emperors Palace to select the Miss Hellene contestant who would represent us for the next two years and to enjoy it with an after-party with Giorgos Tsalikis!

Guests start to arrive, the committee plus a few friends that have been roped in to help are all frantically working at the door to assist with the sudden rush of guests – simply because Greeks don’t seem to know how to arrive on time… All the while, backstage, make-up, dresses, nerves and words of encouragement are all up in the air…

Contestants end up on stage… ‘Out of Africa’ theme, dances, outfits, contestant designs, ball gowns and, finally, the judges’ questions.

It all happened so quickly, all we could do was cheer throughout the show and, finally, congratulate the Miss Hellene winner for 2014 and the amazing journey with all the contestants. With such an amazing group of girls competing and representing Hellenism, all the while raising much-needed funds for bursaries, I really was proud to have been involved in such an event, and can only hope that future years and Hellenic youth will feel the same. To Irini, congratulations on a well-deserved award, and good luck for the next two years, during which I am sure you will hold the position with pride.

An amazing night with amazing friends… Can’t wait for the next!

Michail Scholiadis
NAHYSOSA National President 2012 - 2014

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